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uberAgent - Network utilization over time

How-to: XenApp/RDS Sizing and Capacity Planning with uberAgent for Splunk

Do you know the maximum number of users each of your terminal servers can host with acceptable performance? You may have found out the hard way how many are too many – but how many are just right? Farm sizing and server capacity planning are typical tasks for consultants who often have a hard time […]

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Conferences 2012 and Beyond

What do I do for a living? I travel to community conferences, of course. In 2012 I spent 44 days going to 10 different conferences – err, wait, that is I would love to earn a living that way, but of course I have to work like everybody else. Nevertheless, having my own company I […]

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Batch Delete Issued Citrix User/Device Licenses with Udadmin

Udamin.exe is a handy tool for managing Citrix user/device licenses. To get a list of currently issued licenses run it like this: C:\Program Files\Citrix\Licensing\LS>udadmin.exe -list Usage data is 15 minutes old. Next update in 1 minutes.   Users: username1 XDT_PLT_UD 2013.0815 username2 XDT_PLT_UD 2013.0815   Devices: computername1 XDT_PLT_UD 2013.0815 computername2 XDT_PLT_UD 2013.0815C:\Program Files\Citrix\Licensing\LS>udadmin.exe -list Usage […]

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Active Setup Explained

Active Setup Explained

This is a summary of my experience with Active Setup combined with what I could find on the internet. The information applies to older and current versions of Windows, up to and including Windows 7, Windows 10, Server 2016, Server 2019. What is Active Setup and How Does it Work? Active Setup is a mechanism […]

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New XenDesktop 4 Licensing Model: Flexibility? Yes, but at what Cost?

It seems the Citrix community had only had one topic recently, albeit one discussed hotly: licensing. Now that Citrix has given in and practically allowed all conceivable license types, everybody is happy?! It seems so, although CCU licenses have doubled in price, as Shawn Bass points out. But is this really the happy ending of […]

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Hear Me Speak and Talk to Me

Do you like what you read in this blog but have questions I did not answer (yet)? Or do you prefer listening and talking to live human beings instead of sitting alone in front of your screen? Well, come hear me speak and tell me what you think! This summer I will be speaking at […]

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