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Bluetooth Audio Quality & aptX on Windows 10

Bluetooth is a flexible standard. It defines various profiles that operate on top of the Bluetooth networking protocol stack and implement specific services, such as hands-free communications. Bluetooth devices each support a small subset of profiles, typically only one or two, according to their designated function. Bluetooth headphones and speakers implement the advanced audio distribution […]

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Creating an Application Crash Dump

How to Create User Mode Crash Dump Files If you experience application crashes you may be asked by support to create a crash dump file. Crash dumps are created automatically by Windows if the following registry key is present: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Error Reporting\LocalDumpsHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Error Reporting\LocalDumps In order to help support troubleshoot your problem please do the […]

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<a href="">Hubble’s High-Definition Panoramic View of the Andromeda Galaxy</a> by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center under <a href="">CC</a>

What’s Wrong with Group Policy

Over the years I have worked with Group Policy in many different ways. My experience ranges from helping an enterprise client establish a brand new set of policies for physical PCs and VDI machines to authoring ADM/ADMX/ADML files. Last year I presented and wrote a very detailed analysis of the impact of Group Policy on […]

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Windows 8.1 Keyboard Remapping with SharpKeys

Windows Keyboard Mapping with SharpKeys

Or: Getting rid of Caps Lock & creating the missing context menu key I like my current laptop, a Lenovo W540, but details of the keyboard layout really deteriorate the user exeperience (not to mention the horrible trackpad – I can only recommend you carry a mouse or buy the successor which is rumored to […]

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New File System ReFS in Windows 8: Quick Facts

The introduction of a new file system is a big step even for Microsoft. According to this article in the Building Windows 8 blog ReFS will ship with the server version of Windows 8 only, but will be brought to the client at a later time, too. ReFS was built for resiliency and complements Storage […]

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How User Profiles Will Help Make Windows 8 a Success

Competition in the tablet market is fierce because the profits are potentially enormous (check Apple’s financial statements as proof). No wonder everybody is desperate to get their way in, some giving up before they really started (HP), others with dubious concepts (RIM). Apple obviously is fighting tooth and nail to keep up their dominance which […]

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Shortcuts - Windows XP IE link viewed from 32-bit process on Windows 7

Shortcut Magic

Windows shortcuts aka LNK files have interesting capabilites. The shortcut target can be stored not only as a fixed-path string, but also as an item ID list. If a shortcut is equipped with such a list, it is – to a certain extent – platform-independent. (more…)

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Dinosaurs on Your Hard Disk: Historical Files in Windows 7 Everybody Seems to Have Forgotten About

Everybody knows that Windows installations become bigger with every version. But Windows’ hard disk footprint grows not only because Microsoft adds new files, but also because some files seem to be delete-proof and are not removed, even though they have been obsolete for ages. This is a compilation of some of these files along with […]

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Undocumented Changes to the Cluster.exe Command Line Tool in Server 2008

While working on the next edition of my book I found several documentation errors on Microsoft’s Technet pages describing the command line tools of Windows Server 2008. One of the graver errors relates to clustering. Windows Server 2008 brings many improvements with regards to clustering. However, the new syntax of the command line-based cluster management […]

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Dirquota – Automagically Manage File System Quotas

Did you know that Windows Server contains a file system quota component? “Of course”, you will say. It was introduced with Windows 2000 and is completely useless since it only allows for volume-level quotas. That is true, but at the same time it is nowadays quite irrelevant. With the R2 update to Windows Server 2003 […]

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Windows Server 2008 Feature Components

Windows Server 2008 (R2) Component Posters

[Updated 2009-12-11 for Server 2008 R2] Microsoft has published two visually very appealing posters which depict in great detail important components of its upcoming OS Server 2008. The poster on Active Directory Components details Lightweight Directory Services (formerly ADAM), Federation Services (ADFS), Rights Management Services, Group Policy, Management and Read-Only Domain Controller. (more…)

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