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The Perfect Workstation: Fujitsu Celsius J550

When it comes to selecting a general-purpose workstation I tend to be looking for the impossible: high performance, superb reliability, quiet operation, moderate price. Amazingly, there exists at least one device with all those qualities: the Fujitsu Celsius J550. The Perfect Workstation The perfect workstation should be: reliable fast silent well-supported energy-efficient user-upgradeable small …and […]

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Lenovo W540 Ultrabay Slim HD Bay Adapter IV with custom padding

Customizing and Installing the Lenovo W540

Having made the switch from my trusty Lenovo T520 to the W540 here is my account of what works well and what does not. If you wonder what made me choose the W540: read this. Hardware M.2 SSD The W540 has two M.2 slots. One hosts the WiFi adapter, the other the WWAN adapter if […]

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Memory modules for Lenovo W540 laptop - medium

Finding the Perfect Laptop, 2014 Edition

My current laptop is nearly three years old. That is a pretty long time, and I have contemplated getting a new machine more than once in the last years. I even went so far as to buy a more fancy replacement, but that attempt failed miserably. After using the new device for only a few […]

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Clean Install of Windows 8 on Sony Vaio S15

Sony Vaio laptops are rumored to suffer from two defects: the preloaded OS image being full of crapware, and being extremely difficult to clean install. The former is true for nearly every laptop vendor. I do not care about it because I reinstall anyway – I know from first-hand experience how much can go wrong […]

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Lenovo T520 Maximum Memory: Not 8, But 16 GB!

Contrary to what Lenovo wants to make you believe, the T520 laptop is not limited to 8 GB of RAM. I own this reliable workhorse and made the mistake of buying another laptop because I wanted something more elegant, but mainly because I need more than 8 GB of RAM. As it turned out, the […]

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Choosing a Laptop, 2012 Edition

I have been using Lenovo laptops for more than seven years. They never failed me – not a single hardware fault or software instability in all those years. OK, not everything was great – I distinctly remember the R60 which had an atrociously bad screen – but apart from a few glitches here and there […]

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Recommendation for a USB 3.0 JBOD Enclosure

A drive enclosure for 4 SATA drives, connected to the host via USB 3.0 and presented as JOBDs is a great and inexpensive method of adding a lot of hard drive capacity to your computer, e.g. for backup purposes. The enclosure model I have bought is the Fantec QB-35US3. It is compact, the fan not […]

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Lenovo T520

Finding the Perfect Laptop Computer

For a geek, one of the most fun things is choosing a new toy. I experienced this once again when I needed to buy a new laptop computer. The selection process was a lengthy one, during which I looked at and considered practically every model on the market. The benefits of that are twofold: I […]

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