SetACL Examples

Getting Acquainted

These articles are helpful for understanding what SetACL can do and how it works.

Permissions: A Primer, or: DACL, SACL, Owner, SID and ACE Explained

ReACLing a File Server in a Domain Migration with SetACL 3.0

Using the Command-line Version of SetACL

These examples show how to use the command-line version SetACL.exe with the file system, the registry, printers, services and shares on local and remote computers.

Managing File System Permissions with SetACL.exe

Managing Registry Permissions with SetACL.exe

Managing Printer, Service and Share Permissions with SetACL.exe

Using the COM version of SetACL from Programs and Scripts

These examples show how to use the component object model version SetACL.dll from programs and scripts to programmatically modify security descriptors.

Setting permissions and blocking inheritance from C#

Setting the Owner from VBScript with SetACL.dll

Various Sample Scripts

Locking and Unlocking the Registry with SetACL.exe

Free Script: User Profile Domain Migration with SetACL

Examples from Around the Web

Automation Beyond: SetACL command line automation examples

Max Ranzau at explains how to automate the mopping up after a malware infection with RES Automation Manager and SetACL

Michael Vogt shows how to simplify the usage of SetACL with variables