Feature Set

SetACL Studio is a freeware management tool for Windows permissions. It combines powerful features with an extremely intuitive user interface.


  • Manage everything from one application
    An Explorer-like tree view lets you browse the entire system. It shows files and folders, registry keys, services, printers, network shares, and WMI objects. Owner and either DACL or SACL are displayed for the currently selected object.

  • Local and remote computers
    SetACL Studio not only manages the local system but remote computers, too. Install it on your administrator PC and manage the entire network.

  • Full replacement for Windows ACL Editor
    SetACL Studio manages security descriptors: owner, permissions (DACL), and auditing configuration (SACL). Permission and auditing lists (ACLs) can be freely edited: entries can be added or removed, users and groups can be changed, permissions and inheritance can be set. Inheritance from the parent object can be enabled or disabled.

  • Multi-level undo
    Because nobody is perfect, every action can be undone – without limits.

  • Bypassing security
    Given administrative permissions, SetACL Studio displays everything regardless of current permissions. Never again take ownership just to view which permissions are set. And of course, you can peek into the remotest corners of the system.

  • Create, delete and rename anywhere
    SetACL Studio not only lets you inspect any directory regardless of current permissions, it can also create, delete and rename directories anywhere. Whether you have roaming profile directories, normally inaccessible to administrators, or users “protecting” folders: SetACL Studio ignores ordinary restrictions and gives you the kind of access you need to do your work. Security bypassing works in the registry, too, for creating and deleting keys.

  • Long paths
    Unlike Windows Explorer, SetACL Studio fully supports very long paths with a length of more than 260 characters (the infamous MAX_PATH constant).


Download SetACL Studio.

System Requirements

Windows OS

SetACL Studio supports any version of Windows supported by Microsoft, specifically including:

  • Windows 11
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2022
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2008 (R2)


  • .NET framework 4.0 client profile or newer


SetACL Studio runs as a 64-bit process on 64-bit Windows and as a 32-bit process on 32-bit Windows so there are no hidden areas in the system it cannot get to.

Supported Languages

SetACL Studio works on all Windows languages. It comes with English and German localization and adapts to the operating system language automatically.