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Browser Ad Blockers and Privacy

You have probably been in this situation: on some shopping site you put an article in your cart, but decide not to buy it after all. Later on, you notice that you are getting targeted ads for the exact same product on totally unrelated sites – or so you think. There is, however, a common […]

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Analysis: Require Domain Controller Authentication to Unlock Workstation

Among the many security options that are configurable via Group Policy there is a setting Interactive logon: Require Domain Controller authentication to unlock workstation. For security reasons this is often enabled. Let’s have a closer look at the implications. Those are different from what one might think because the name is a little misleading. (more…)

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Do You Still Hide Your Share$?

Subtitle: Fighting Another Legacy of the NT Era Hiding network shares by appending a dollar sign is a common practice among administrators. While by itself that is neither good nor bad, it is a perfect example of how customs establish themselves in the IT industry in exactly the same way they do in other subcultures. […]

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