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New Web Content Actually Worth Reading (June 2009)

Jim Moyle recently started a blog on desktop and application delivery. While reading his first two posts I thought “yes, that’s so right“. Regretfully, people like him, who disregard the current hype and cut through the marketing BS, are scarce. More of the same, please!

Arnim van Lieshout has written a great 3-part series on memory management in VMware ESX. Start reading it here.

Usenet 2.0 for admins:

Never use snapshots with virtualized domain controllers! Read why on the Ask the Directory Services Team blog.

Pierre Marmignon posted extensive tuning tips for XenApp and XenDesktop.

Citrix has its own debug symbol server. Greatly simplifies the analysis of memory dumps (!analyze -v). The article describes how to use it in conjunction with Microsoft’s symbol server.

30 high-quality tips on how to use the Windows 7 user interface efficiently by Tim Sneath. Efficiency means, of course, in many cases not using the mouse.

Seems like there raged a legal battle on the Tetris game across the iron curtain. Even Mikhail Gorbachev intervened.

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