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uberAgent - Network utilization over time

How-to: XenApp/RDS Sizing and Capacity Planning with uberAgent for Splunk

Do you know the maximum number of users each of your terminal servers can host with acceptable performance? You may have found out the hard way how many are too many – but how many are just right? Farm sizing and server capacity planning are typical tasks for consultants who often have a hard time […]

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Comparing the CPU Performance of Physical and Virtual PCs (VDI)

When you move users from a physical PC to a VDI environment you may find that they are not too happy with their new machine’s performance – it happened to me. To quantify things I took a series of measurements comparing the old PCs we migrated away from with both VDI machines and the new […]

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uberAgent - Browser Performance per Site and Hostname 3

Monitoring Browser Performance per Site with uberAgent for Splunk

The days are long gone when a browser was just another application. Modern websites are applications of their own, and the browser is their operating system. That has consequences for monitoring. It is no longer sufficient to gather performance data for the browser as a whole. When, for example, Internet Explorer’s CPU usage is high, […]

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XenApp and RDS Sizing Part 4 – Calculating the New Farm’s Capacity

This article is part of a mini-series. You can find the other articles here. In the previous articles in this series we saw how to calculate a farm’s capacity and then how to determine its load. With that information and knowledge of our methodology we can go about calculating the capacity of the new farm, […]

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