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Process-GPU - Intel

Comparison: CPU & GPU Usage of 4 Browsers

How do popular browsers differ in compute footprint when running animations? In this article I am comparing the CPU as well as the GPU utilization of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. To make things more interesting I tested GPU performance on Nvdia and Intel. (more…)

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08 - Internet Explorer GPU compute usage without hardware acceleration

Impact of GPU Acceleration on Browser CPU Usage

GPU acceleration is en vogue. After slowly but steadily moving out of the 3D niche it has arrived in the mainstream. Today, applications like Microsoft Office leverage the GPU, but even more so do web browsers. Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer all have hardware acceleration turned on by default. People generally seem to be happy […]

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uberAgent - Network utilization over time

How-to: XenApp/RDS Sizing and Capacity Planning with uberAgent for Splunk

Do you know the maximum number of users each of your terminal servers can host with acceptable performance? You may have found out the hard way how many are too many – but how many are just right? Farm sizing and server capacity planning are typical tasks for consultants who often have a hard time […]

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XenApp and RDS Sizing Part 4 – Calculating the New Farm’s Capacity

This article is part of a mini-series. You can find the other articles here. In the previous articles in this series we saw how to calculate a farm’s capacity and then how to determine its load. With that information and knowledge of our methodology we can go about calculating the capacity of the new farm, […]

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What Remains of Magic Speed Improvements

Doesn’t every IT pro dream of finding a secret switch, a switch that increases clock speed, doubles the amount of RAM or makes the PC boot faster? Some do, and I admit I was fascinated when I heard that changing a simple boot option would significantly speed up startup time. I made some tests which […]

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