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Permissions Windows Does Not Show You

Sometimes it is good not to know the truth, but as an administrator you better know what is going on! Most IT pros know that Explorer lies a lot (on a German system C:\Users magically becomes C:\Benutzer), but few are aware that Windows’ permission handling dialog ACL Editor also tends to “pretty up” things. Example […]

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SetACL Studio Raffle: Results and Quotes

The popular German administrator website faq-o-matic raffled five licenses of SetACL Studio. These are the lucky winners: Frank Fester Kurt Rode Michael Kramer Stefan Döhring Ulrike Streich Congratulations! Your personal serial numbers are already on their way. What the Participants Had to Say About SetACL Studio Each of the participants was asked what he or […]

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SetACL Studio Beta

SetACL Studio – The Beta is Here

SetACL Studio is a management tool for nearly every aspect of Windows permissions. It works with the file system, the registry, printers, services, shares and WMI objects. It supports very long paths (the kind Explorer cannot handle) and shows you every corner of the system, regardless of current permissions. About all that I have written […]

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