by: Helge, published: Mar 16, 2009, updated: Oct 28, 2010, in

Why Apple’s Shares Are Still Going Strong

All the hype around Apple must have something to do with the quality of their products, it cannot be clever marketing and cool design alone.

Example: Power Consumption

This weekend I saw some interesting figures in the computer magazine. The new Mac Mini consumes only 11.7 Watts when idle. That is extraordinary! I did not know Desktop computers could be so energy-efficient.

Compare that to another piece of interesting hardware, Tranquil PC’s SQA-5H Home Server. Its concept is great – finally a NAS with a Windows OS, Home Server in this case. It uses Intels energy-efficient Atom CPUs, but nevertheless consumes 36 Watts with one hard disk only when idle.

When looking at those two numbers, the Core 2 Duo-based Mac Mini with less than 12 Watts and the Atom-based Tranquil PC with more than 35 Watts, I understand why Apple’s products are highly valued. It is not enough to have an interesting concept. Many hardware vendors have those. You really have to think things through and pay attention to details. That is what few companies understand.

Note: One might argue that I compare apples to oranges. Very well, read this: A direct rival of the Mac Mini, Acer’s X1700-U3700A needs more than 70 Watts when idle. Green IT certainly still has a long way to go.

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