by: Helge, published: Jun 8, 2009, updated: Mar 4, 2019, in

Hear Me Speak and Talk to Me

Do you like what you read in this blog but have questions I did not answer (yet)? Or do you prefer listening and talking to live human beings instead of sitting alone in front of your screen? Well, come hear me speak and tell me what you think! This summer I will be speaking at the following conferences (all in Germany and in German, I am afraid):

  • Citrix TechEdge in Munich, June 15th
  • \\ice:2009 in Lingen, August 22nd
  • nrw conf 09 in Wuppertal, August 28th

The topics of my talks will be various aspects of 64-bit Windows (Terminal Services / Citrix, Architecture, Migration, …).

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