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What’s Wrong with Group Policy

Over the years I have worked with Group Policy in many different ways. My experience ranges from helping an enterprise client establish a brand new set of policies for physical PCs and VDI machines to authoring ADM/ADMX/ADML files. Last year I presented and wrote a very detailed analysis of the impact of Group Policy on […]

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New Articles, Tools, Tips and Tricks: Bugs, Annoyances, PowerShell and some other Stuff

New Articles, Tools, Tips and Tricks: Bugs, Annoyances, PowerShell and some other Stuff

Bugs and Annoyances ICA connections initiated over the ICA client object (ICO) SDK fail because 128-bit encryption cannot be enabled. Apparently, setting EncryptionLevelSession does not work. Annoyingly, this bug is more than a year old, was fixed in the ICA client 10.2 and reappeared in the current version 11.0. Bugs like this one are bad […]

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Soup Up Your Terminal Server: Optimizing Explorer’s Network Performance

Update: The ADM file can now be downloaded here. I recently came across a post in the Windows Server Performance Team’s blog that lists several registry values which can be used to tune Explorer’s SMB performance by modifying the following: Searches for Desktop.ini files used for folder customization Periodic refreshes of folder contents Searches for […]

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