by: Helge, published: Aug 3, 2010, updated: Oct 28, 2010, in

How to Generate Directory Listing with Full Path from Batch

Sometimes you need a list of all the files and/or folders in a directory with their full path, without any additional information. “DIR /B” would be the right command, if it only printed out the full path (it does that only if combined with the recursion parameter /S).

Here is a way to print a list of full paths, in the following example of all directories in the folder “C:\Users”:

D:\>for /f "delims=" %i in ('dir /b /ad "C:\Users"') do @echo C:\Users\%i
C:\Users\All Users

If you want files listed, replace “/ad” with “/a-d”. If you want both files and directories, use “/a”.

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