Citrix Desktop Viewer Screen Resolution and Window Size

As far as I know there is no “official” way to set the width, height and screen position of Citrix Desktop Viewer in window mode. It can be done easily by changing a few registry values, though.

To set the window size (including title bar, borders, etc.) modify the following registry values:


Above values will put the Desktop Viewer window in the top left corner and set an outer size of 1280×720.

Notes: You need to replace SUBKEY with the internal name of the published resource. The easiest way to do that is check the registry of a user who has already connected to that resource. And yes, this works for XenApp and XenDesktop.

To find the screen resolution of the XenApp/XenDesktop session right-click the desktop and select Screen resolution. The dialog that comes up shows you the net size that remains after the Desktop Viewer window borders have been subtracted (1264×656 in this case):

Citrix Desktop Viewer - window size 1280x720

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