One Response to Login VSI: Custom Command Line with CSV File for RDP Connections

  1. Mark Plettenberg February 21, 2013 at 09:35 #

    Hi Helge,

    Great feedback on Login VSI, I always love to hear what we can improve to our product. I also have some good news, we are currently working on a big update of VSI that will ship to the first beta customers next Monday, in this update we have focused on ease of use and did a complete overhaul of nearly every component.

    These screenshots have not been released until now but since I appreciate the time and effort put in your article I would like you to have them first. They show the new management console and the wizard driven connection setup. You can find them here:

    Next to that a big update also requires a complete rewrite of documentation I will make sure that your comments will be reflected in that.

    Regards and thanks!
    Mark Plettenberg

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