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WordPress MySQL command line

Searching for Keyword Strings in WordPress Posts

Surprisingly, there does not seem to be a plugin or some other “easy” way of searching your WordPress posts for certain keywords, shortcodes or HTML tags. However, if you have ever been through a theme migration, you know that standardizing on HTML tags and shortcodes makes the process a lot less painful. If you know […]

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WordPress subsite - update siteurl

Switching a WordPress Site From HTTP to HTTPS

Using SSL for the entire website should be the norm these days. If you have a decent server it does not significantly reduce page speed and it allegedly even helps your Google ranking. I covered enabling SSL and configuring it so that you get an A ranking in the Qualys test in another post. This […]

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WordPress Blog Comment Handling

I have always found my blog’s comments a great source of feedback. In many cases, readers have contributed valuable additions to the article content or pointed out errors which I subsequently fixed. However, there is a dark side to enabling others to add content to your side: spam. Here is how I am (successfully) dealing […]

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The Making of HelgeKlein.com, SetACL’s New Home

Until yesterday, SetACL’s web presence consisted of six static HTML pages. That was great for speed, but it sucked in almost every other aspect. And the design … better not speak about that. The old website was hosted on Sourceforge, on the subdomain setacl.sourceforge.net, to be exact. High time for a radical change. I wanted […]

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