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Batch Delete Issued Citrix User/Device Licenses with Udadmin

Udamin.exe is a handy tool for managing Citrix user/device licenses. To get a list of currently issued licenses run it like this: C:\Program Files\Citrix\Licensing\LS>udadmin.exe -list Usage data is 15 minutes old. Next update in 1 minutes.   Users: username1 XDT_PLT_UD 2013.0815 username2 XDT_PLT_UD 2013.0815   Devices: computername1 XDT_PLT_UD 2013.0815 computername2 XDT_PLT_UD 2013.0815C:\Program Files\Citrix\Licensing\LS>udadmin.exe -list Usage […]

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How to Build a Software Company

Which values do I build my newly founded company on? There are many things I value highly – fairness, professionalism, quality, innovation, honesty – but one thing stands out: sharing. The IT community as I have come to know it is centered around the wish to help others by sharing information and software. I want […]

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New XenDesktop 4 Licensing Model: Flexibility? Yes, but at what Cost?

It seems the Citrix community had only had one topic recently, albeit one discussed hotly: licensing. Now that Citrix has given in and practically allowed all conceivable license types, everybody is happy?! It seems so, although CCU licenses have doubled in price, as Shawn Bass points out. But is this really the happy ending of […]

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Free Tool to Help You Better Understand What is Inside a Citrix License File

Update: Version 1.1 supports XenDesktop Licenses in Addition to XenApp Licenses Most Citrix products rely heavily on license files. While the basic format of a license file is somewhat documented, most fields used in license files are not. This makes understanding their contents difficult. It does not help that the license files can hardly be […]

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