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Splunk Revolution Awards - Stage

Splunk Revolution Award

I am more than happy to announce that I won a Splunk’s Revolution Award in the category developers. The winners were presented on the big screen during the keynote. My slide reads: Helge showed thought leadership with a series of blog posts and ecosystem participation with the availability of the uberAgent for Splunk app. Happy […]

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VCNRW – Your Friendly Local Virtualization Community

In the past years I have attended many different conferences and user group meetings. Apart from the fact that every single one of them was great and definitely worth the while they all had another thing in common: getting there involved a significant amount of travel, in most cases to other countries or even continents. […]

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Conferences 2012 and Beyond

What do I do for a living? I travel to community conferences, of course. In 2012 I spent 44 days going to 10 different conferences – err, wait, that is I would love to earn a living that way, but of course I have to work like everybody else. Nevertheless, having my own company I […]

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