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Comparison between USMT and Profile Migrator

USMT and Beyond – Practical Tips for Your Migration

This article is part of Helge’s Profile Toolkit, a set of posts explaining the knowledge and tools required to tame Windows user profiles. This article presents a collection of tips and tricks around user state migration with and without Microsoft’s USMT. I originally compiled this material for my presentation at the 2010 TechDay Online. (more…)

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EFS Encryption and CopyFile(Ex): Why DIY is Better

Generally I am not the type to recommend re-implementing functionality present in some API. But with the Windows function CopyFile(Ex) there may be no alternative, because of the less than sub-optimal way Windows copies EFS-encrypted files: If the source encryption key can be used on the target (i.e. if the target computer can access the […]

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Useful PowerShell Scriptlets for Files and Folders

What is the best way to learn PowerShell? Never use cmd.exe again! With PowerShell 2.0 on my Windows 7 machine I decided it finally is time to polish my rusty knowledge of the language dating back to the days when PowerShell was still called Monad. In my attempt to re-familiarize myself with PoSh I consciously […]

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Cleaning up the Mess Left Behind by Multiple EFS Certificates

In case you have (un?)wittingly been juggling around with multiple EFS certificates like me, you may feel a strong urge to clean up the mess. Which mess? It can happen quite easily that different files are encrypted with different keys. In addition to that, directories that are marked for encryption have EFS certificates associated with […]

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