New sepago blog on SCCM (German!)

My colleague Thorsten Christoffers has started blogging, mainly on topics related to Microsoft System Center. If you can read German, check out his first article on the Key Management Service (KMS) for Windows. Thorsten, welcome to the small but growing community of bloggers at sepago!

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Itanium (IA-64), an Obituary

Itanium (IA-64), an Obituary

Back in the old days, when 64-bit computing was still a novel concept and RISC vs. CISC wars were still fought, HP and Intel joined forces to develop the next-generation CPU. It would be 64-bit only and it would have a new type of architecture called EPIC. That was in 1994. As the new partners […]

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Why Apple’s Shares Are Still Going Strong

All the hype around Apple must have something to do with the quality of their products, it cannot be clever marketing and cool design alone. Example: Power Consumption This weekend I saw some interesting figures in the computer magazine. The new Mac Mini consumes only 11.7 Watts when idle. That is extraordinary! I did not […]

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Do You Still Hide Your Share$?

Subtitle: Fighting Another Legacy of the NT Era Hiding network shares by appending a dollar sign is a common practice among administrators. While by itself that is neither good nor bad, it is a perfect example of how customs establish themselves in the IT industry in exactly the same way they do in other subcultures. […]

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User Profile Design: A Primer

This article is part of Helge’s Profile Toolkit, a set of posts explaining the knowledge and tools required to tame Windows user profiles. This article tries list the dos and don’ts that need to be considered when creating a user profile design. It focuses on functionality built into Windows. Third-party solutions that replace or complement […]

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MEncode.cmd Now Supports Wildcards

My simple yet effective batch file-based solution for converting digital videos in Quicktime MOV format from Panasonic Lumix and other cameras to MPEG-2, MEncode.cmd, now supports wildcards, too. Now you can run the following command to create MPEG-2 versions of all MOV files copied over from your camera: MEncode.cmd "C:\Some Folder\*.mov"MEncode.cmd "C:\Some Folder\*.mov" MEncode will […]

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How to Reduce the Size of Roaming Profiles

This article is part of Helge’s Profile Toolkit, a set of posts explaining the knowledge and tools required to tame Windows user profiles. Roaming user profiles tend to grow over time, which is sometimes referred to as profile bloat. In and by itself, profile growth is not a problem. Users of desktop PCs who log […]

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How to Convert Quicktime MOV Video Files to MPEG-2

[Update 1: Fixed bugs in the batch file and made it available for download] [Update 2: Wildcards are now supported] [Update 3: Timestamps are now copied from source to destination files. For this, touch.exe is needed.] [Update 4: File names with spaces in them are now handled correctly] I recently bought a new compact digital […]

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VMware vs. Microsoft: Why Memory Overcommitment is Useful in Production and Why Microsoft Denies it

In the ongoing virtualization war much has been written (pro and con) about the value of memory overcommitment, a feature VMware ESX has and Microsoft Hyper-V is lacking (XenServer, too, for that matter). But only few people take a look at what the term overcommitment actually means. In this article I will explain how overcommitment […]

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Why Disabling the Creation of 8.3 DOS File Names Will Not Improve Performance. Or Will It?

It is a common practice amongst administrators to disable the creation of short filenames on NTFS. I freely admit to have recommended this in the past. Was I wrong? Background NTFS is relatively relaxed about file names. They can be quite long (255 characters) and may contain “strange” characters (nearly all UNICODE characters are allowed). […]

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