Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and Testimonials

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Just installed uberAgent for Splunk from @HelgeKlein, great stuff :) Impressive monitoring tool #Splunk #uberAgent

Sondre Andersen on Twitter


Your blog is like a treasure-trove of interesting Windows topics. Very enjoyable to read & very addictive. I am hooked all day.

xpclient on Twitter


The beauty of this command is that each account does not need to be piped in explicitly; this is perfect for terminal servers, as well as kiosk PCs.

Delprof 2 is a great time saver for our IT staff and significantly enhances the productivity of our employees. Thank you for your excellent product!

Charles Melidosian from AMC

Delprof2 is definitely the tool needed in your toolbox, especially when you manage many computers either at work or at home.

I love the ease of using DelProf2 to clean up the mess I made in my lab environment

Ingmar Verheij on Twitter


DiskLED then becomes an easy way to track any aspect of your PC’s performance. Network use, USB activity, page faults, whatever you like – just select the relevant details and it’s ready to go.

And better still, DiskLED is also portable and doesn’t require admin rights, so you can use it almost anywhere.


I strongly suggest you find a utility called SetACL. It is much more powerful than ICACLS, plus the utility’s website also provides a very good introduction to NTFS privileges.

pepoluan on

When I audit file server permissions [I use] Helge Klein’s wonderful SetACL utility in its “list” mode to generate a list of non-inherited permissions

Evan Anderson on

Gave up on a powershell job today after hours wasted, on the plus side @helgeklein ‘s setacl did the job easily! Thanks Helge.

Andy Morgan on Twitter

Seit kurzem ist nun SetACL von Helge Klein das Tool meiner Wahl, da es schlichtweg eine riesige Zahl an Parametern und Möglichkeiten bietet und einfach genial ist. […] Auf jeden Fall eine klare Empfehlung für Admins.

Thank you for making this wonderful program. I’ve tried alternative solutions to modify permissions, but nothing so far works as reliably as this program.

dotadmin in our forum

SetACL is a swiss army knife on steroids for setting permissions on pretty much anything […] You can probably imagine the virtually limitless possibilities with the combination of SetACL and the RES Automation Manager

Max Ranzau on

SetACL Studio

SetACL Studio must be the most efficient GUI tool for managing NFTS permissions / ACLs I have ever come across.

Didier van Hoye in the blog Working Hard in IT

If you need help managing and visualizing ACLs across your Windows machines, check out SetACL Studio.

Bovendien werkt de grafische interface erg comfortabel.

Edmond Varwijk on

UI ist sehr intuitiv und schick. […] Remote ACLing find ich auch super.

Clemens Geiler on our Facebook page

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